Un début d'année 2016 riche en publications

L'année 2016 commence avec plusieurs publications à l'actif de l'équipe ! Cliquez sur les liens pour accéder aux articles:

Koumfieg Noudou, V. Y. ; Suwal, S. ; Amiot, J; Mikhaylin, S; Beaulieu, L; Bazinet, L. 2016. Simultaneous electroseparation of anionic and cationic peptides : Impact of feed peptide concentration on migration rate, selectivity and relative energy consumption. Separation and Purification technology, 157 : 53-59.

Mikhaylin, S.; Bazinet, L. 2016. Fouling on ion-exchange membranes: classification, characterization and strategies of prevention and control. Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, 229 : 34-56 

Lu, H.; Zou, W.; Chai, P.; Wang, J.; Bazinet, L. 2016. Feasability of antibiotic and sulfate ions separation from wastewater using electrodialysis with ultrafiltration membrane. Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 112 (4) : 3097-3105.

Arroume, N. ; Froidevaux, R. ; Kapel, R. ; Cudennec, B. ; Ravallec, R. ; Flahaut, C.; Bazinet, L. ; Jacques, P. ; Dhulster, P. 2016. Food peptides : Purification, identification and role in the metabolism. Current Opinion in Food Science, 7 : 101-107.

Mikhaylin, S.; Nikonenko, V.; Pourcelly, G.; Bazinet, L. 2016. Hybrid bipolar membrane electrodialysis-ultrafiltration technology assisted by pulsed electric field for casein production. Green Chemistry, 18 : 307–314.

He, R.; Girgih, A.T.; Rozoy, E.; Bazinet, L.; Ju, X.R.; Aluko, R.E. 2016. Selective separation and concentration of http://ac.els-cdn.com.acces.bibl.ulaval.ca/S0308814615302260/1-s2.0-S0308814615302260-main.pdf?_tid=da11de26-e7bd-11e5-92c5-00000aacb360&acdnat=1457724009_59eb495a5b7e81e564eddc6a73b0be65antihypertensive peptides from rapeseed protein hydrolysate by electrodialysis with ultrafiltration membranes. Food Chemistry, 197 : 1008-1014.  

Roblet, C.; Akhtar, M.J.; Mikhaylin, S.; Pilon, G.; Gill, T.; Marette, A.; Bazinet, L. 2016. Enhancement of glucose uptake in muscular cell by peptide fractions separated by electrodialysis with filtration membrane from salmon frame protein hydrolysate. Journal of Functional Food, 22 : 337-346.

Serre, É.; Rozoy, É.; Pedneault, K.; Lacour, S.; Bazinet, L. 2016. Deacidification of cranberry juice by electrodialysis : Impact of membrane types and configurations on acid migration and juice physicochemical characteristics. Separation and Purification technology, 163 : 228-237.